schaffer's mill

Schaffer's Mill is a luxurious mountain retreat on the shore of Lake Tahoe.  I was the creative lead on a campaign targeting affluent professionals in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and the Pacific Northwest. Despite being a fairly standard ad and landing page campaign, I devised a new internal pipeline to drastically cut our delivery time for this type of work.

faster, better

Our ad campaigns from contract signing to campaign launch took six weeks, covering campaign strategy, creative, client approvals, beta launch and testing. To remain competitive I was challenged to reduce our turn around time from six weeks to two weeks. Instead I reduced it to one.


Using agile project management methodology, stricter guidelines of content, imagery and layout and a fixed code library our team was able to focus on the campaigns strategic goals, increasing collaboration and communication and launching our campaign ahead of schedule.

innovation becomes convention

The success of this initial campaign became our standard operating procedure. Our company sought ways to improve our agile methodology and extend it to other project types. The block schedule, five day sprint became my preferred way of working.

This new competitive edge and the success of the lead gen campaigns in the home builder space lead to great word of mouth, new clients and an explosion of work in the property development vertical.