ready to care

Ready to Care was a public education campaign created to increase awareness of issues facing seniors. Intended to run for only three months, the popularity of the program took us by surprise. Over the 18 months I worked on the program it evolved into a dedicated website with a strong social movement component.

mobilizing volunteers to care

The Ready to Care program asks volunteers to sign up to receive weekly text messages with links to a website detailing a "mission" to complete. After completing the week's mission, volunteers can log their achievement, comment on the mission and are encouraged to share the accomplishment on social media.

With a limited budget and tight deadline we created a web-based component that integrated with Twillio to provide SMS reminders.

Content geography

I worked closely with the copywriter on this project to craft the content geography (the structure, order and messaging of information on the page) in a way users could more easily grasp the concepts we were trying to convey.

We expected users to arrive from social media shares or ads and had to quickly make them understand:

  • There are not enough paid services to care for the growing senior population.
  • Even a small act of kindness can alleviate senior loneliness and isolation.
  • It's easy to sign up, receive care missions and encourage others to do the same.

refined to respond to data

Wildly successful, the program was extended beyond its planned three month lifespan. As we entered the second year of the campaign we reviewed analytics, social media comments and I conducted user tests to determine how we could improve conversions and completed missions.

We recommended a dedicated mobile app for the best user experience, but to work within budget limitations we restricted updates to the presentation of our information, used clearer language and continued to simplify the content geography to reduce friction.

Our recommendations are currently being split tested in a landing page for an online ad campaign to determine if changes should be carried across to the full website.

strategy born from experimentation

Many companies feature a mission statement extolling the virtues they try to uphold. For Home Instead Senior Care the Ready to Care initiative has become a direct representation of their philosophy. With over 8,000 members the missions carried out by volunteers have a direct and positive impact on senior communities, reinforcing Home Instead's values and demonstrating their thought leadership.